We operate basically with Bulgarian language and do not have full FAQ in English, you can contact us  if you have any questions.

Who can apply for online visa support

Russian visa support is available for citizens of 47 countries. If you are from other countries you can contact us for imformation where you can get visa invitation. Note that visa support for risk countries is more expensive.

What is visa support and why I need it

For Russsian visas you need an invitation. It is not enough to have booked accomodation and tickets. You need an invitation from registrated for incoming tourists Russian company.  We  offer only tourist confirmations valid maximum 30 days.

Do I need to have tickets and booked accomodation before applying for Russian visa

For  most of the cases  confirmation is enough – you can order visa invitation, you do not need to stay in the hotel you write, but it is important that you stay in the same city. Also you can apply for more days than you want to stay, to have reserve,  note that for visas, longer than 14 days in most of the consulates want document for paid hotel and tickets and your confirmation must be with the same dates as your tickets.

What document I need to apply for Russian tourist visa

    • passport valid  more than 6 months with 2 free pages for visa and stamps
    • colour photograph 3,5 х 4,5 см
    • printed confirmation letter (you can get it from our site)
    • filled and printed application form Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    • travel insurance for more than 30000 EUR and copy

Do I need to registrate my visa
If you stay more than 7 days you need to registrate your visa. Hotels must do it for you.

We offer multiple-entry visa support only for Bulgaria.   Contact us for more infromation.